TUF System


TUF System

Concealed fixing system for facade panels.

Invisible and flexible to use

Concealed solution and quick to install

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50% less installation time

The TUF-S blind fastener surpasses previous solutions for concealed fastening of HPL or fiber cement panels in terms of processing and flexibility. Installation can be carried out quickly and safely by one person without the need for special tools. Compared to conventional blind fasteners, up to 50% of the installation time can be saved. If necessary, the TUF-S blind fastener can be removed again without special tools for one-off disassembly.

Optimum safety

Despite its simple and extremely time-saving installation, the TUF-S is a safe solution. The fastener cannot be overtightened during installation. Due to the radial expansion when the pull pin is pulled out, the thread is locked into the panel material, resulting in very high pull-out values. Self-unscrewing due to dilation or vibration is not possible. The sleeve is made of austenitic stainless steel, material DIN 1.4401, grade A4.

Advantages that will convince you


  • Simple blind hole drilling is sufficient - no undercut drilling necessary
  • Fast processing without special tools
  • Drilling also possible directly on the construction site
  • Efficient installation with a rivet setting tool from GESIPA (e.g. AccuBird Pro)


  • No over-tightening
  • High pull-out values thanks to cemented thread
  • Independent unscrewing not possible
  • Hexagon head enables disassembly.
  • Tested fastening system with European Technical Assessment ETA-15/0476