Colors without any limits:

Do you need fasteners for your individually planned façade that blend in almost perfectly with the surface and color structure? We determine the color of your facade panels by sampling, among other things, and apply them to the fasteners using our coating system. In this way, we can guarantee you an undisturbed appearance of your facade surfaces.

The fastener becomes virtually invisible on the panel!

In order to be able to offer you the greatest possible variety of colors and coating quality, our competent team, consisting of a colorimetrist, painters and master painters as well as a chemical engineer, works daily on the optimal coating and quality of the paint.

We offer you the complete range of colors, from solid to metallic shades and pearl effects to multi-effect paints in a multi-layer structure. There are virtually no limits to your color wishes. Whether you want a glossy or dull matt surface, we adjust our coating to your gloss level.


Our color effects

Panel decors are individually customized


Facade screw Uni adapted to RAL or sample panel

Metallic decors: Fine metallic

Structure: We can reproduce structures on the fasteners

Color flop (or FlipFlop): The color impression changes depending on the angle of the panel/fastener.

Metallic finishes Fine and pearlescent effects are possible

Speckled decors: Practical for all types of multicolored decors with or without texture

The perfect color range for your facade panels

We match the color of your facade panels and adapt them to the respective fasteners using our coating system.


The right fastener:

We not only offer you the right fastener for every façade panel substructure, but also expert advice and 40 years of experience in the perfection, processing and painting of rivets, screws and special parts.

We provide you with quick and uncomplicated support in choosing the right fastener.

Testing the fasteners:

We check the quality of the coatings on your fasteners in detail with every order. We use visual testing to ensure that the coated surfaces are in perfect condition. Mechanical testing procedures guarantee the best possible flexibility, bonding and coating scratch resistance. If a complaint should ever arise, we can always fall back on retention samples from the last ten years from our archive.


If you ever need coated fasteners for your construction project at short notice, our 48-hour express service offers you the opportunity to find a solution for you without delay.



Do you have any questions?

Our customer service and application technology team will be happy to help!

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