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48 H express painting service

For orders per color up to 2,500 pieces as express production. Please feel free to contact us!



MBE Corrosions-Protection 



System structure Curtain wall rear ventilated facade (VHF)

System of curtain wall rear ventilated facade (VHF) according to DIN 18516-1

FVHF_System Structure-VHF_20171114.pdf (PDF 897 KB)


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Stress-free installation:
Riveting of MBE facade rivets only with MBE special mouthpiece.

Color shades and gloss levels:
When placing an order for head-painted parts, always pay attention to information on the gloss level or surface of the facade panel.

Sealing the wooden substructure against water:
Please ensure that the wood is adequately protected against water (DIN 68800-2) when installing facade panels on wood UK. Please only use suitable EPDM joint tape. Please also note that the facade panel manufacturers recommend different thicknesses of tape.

Installation of aluminum and stainless steel parts in chloride-containing atmospheres:

When installing aluminum and stainless steel parts in or near chloride-containing atmospheres (e.g. sea water), please ensure that the parts are adequately protected against corrosion.

We offer a special coating for both stainless steel and aluminum parts. Find out more here. Contact corrosion: When installing facade or balcony panels on steel and stainless steel substructures, please ensure that stainless steel fasteners are used.



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